Welcome to the page where orders are made!
To make your order, first you'll need to deeply explain us what you want us to make for you. This means if you for example need a website, be very descriptive. That means:
- Tell us about colors you want, text size, how many titles, subtitles, pages and sub pages, how you want your logo to look like, think about everything!

When it's about software creation, tell us about its purpose, from beginning to end, what it should do. After that tell us about its design how you want it to look like, same as for websites, from colors to buttons positions to everything!

When you get ready, email us to our one and only email address: order{et}software-metrics.org

You'll get reply as faster as possible. We don't work on Sundays or some special holidays. You'll be noticed here if our whole team is on vacation, this only happens on summer time.

Thank you for working with us!

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