Welcome to Software Metrics company! Our team is here for you to provide any kind of programming and programs building solutions which will satisfy anyone needs.
It doesn't matter if you seek for desktop software or let's say Android app. If it's business related tool or just some entertainment game. Our team can assist to anything and build you any kind of software you seek for! All you need to do is go to our 'order box' and fill out your wishes of how your desired application will look like. Keep in mind to be as detailed and descriptive as you can, because more you tell us, more we will understand your needs and that means your app will get finished much faster.

What we have to offer you is a professional environment of fully dedicated developers in every modern nowadays programming languages available, including Java, PHP, Python, C, C#, C++ and Javascript of course. We also have highly skilled experienced graphic designers in our crew so programs will be fully completed from its look to functionality.

What we are offering you:

- Web developing & Database system architecture
From making any kind of websites to creating more complex databases and web applications.

- Desktop, Browser & Mobile Applications
We can code anything of above. Just explain us what you want and you'll get it in shortest time available!

Some examples of our previous projects:
Proxy & Cache plugin for InstaRippper app. (Instagram account recovery tool).
See Guide - How to Hack Instagram Account Using InstaRipper Mobile App

There are so many examples we could show you about our previous projects. If you really want to take a look at some, go and review cell phone tracker - "the MSniffer". This is powerful tool which is supported for desktop computers and as a mobile app as well. Its purpose is to trace phone number anywhere in the world using satellites signals. Go and take a look at it at gpsphonetrackerapp-dot-com

- Maintenance
With our technical expertise, we can efficiently keep up small, medium and large websites or programs and keep them constantly updated for you.

- Testing
Have a problematic software which causing you problems, like crashing rapidly or something similar? We can test any code, program or website for you and fix all bugs and malfunctions. Give us a try!

- Graphic & Web design
From GUI interface design for software and mobile apps to web design, like banners, professional unique logo for your business, covers or anything similar.

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Mobile apps coding

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